I wanted to give a weather synopsis update for the upcoming North Americans. There is mild system making its way into Florida today. It is expected to continue through Florida and make a second land fall somewhere on the Texas/Luisianna coast by Friday or Saturday. It is expected that this system will never become very organized and will probably bring rain and wind gust up to 40 mphs. We see this type of weather in Galveston year round and has very little impact on our way of life. At this time we don't see the weather as a threat to our event. If in the event a system does develop (better chance winning the lottery), we will post a notice here, one www.TCDYC.com, on www.naf18.com, and we will contact registered competitors via phone. Everybody is looking forward this awesome event. While I know the locals have been practicing I have also heard rumors that the city is polishing every grain of sand for us.

Collin Casey
Infusion Platform + C2 rig and rags = one fast cookie