20 FOOT CAT DESIGNS CURRENTLY ACTIVE IN N A that fit into Formula 20 racing ,

Idealy we will have articles with photos of modifications and chute with snuffer set ups of each type -as the year progresses .

Listed are the-- H-Fox --Inter 20 --H-Miracle 20 ---N-6/0 NA --

Tornado ,---P-19 -

The Mystere 20 specs are needed ,-and all other 20 ft -8.5 beam cats are all welcome .


Length: 6.10 m

Beam: 2.60 m

Mast: 9.50 m

Total displacement with spinnaker: 190 kg

Mylar mainsail: 18 m2

Jib: 4.85 m2

Spinnaker: 25 m2

Construction: Polyester sandwich

Crew: 2-3

inter 20 specs

5 Year Limited Warranty

Molded White Hulls

4 Degrees Canted Symmetrical Hulls

High Aspect Carbon Daggerboards (4.75:1)

High Aspect Carbon CHC Rudders (3.1:1)

Double Trapeze

Exclusive Rudder Rake System

Mylar Main and Dacron Race Jib

Foam Battens

Equipped with Newly Developed Harken and Garhauer Gear Throughout

Complete Asymmetric Spinnaker Package

Mesh Trampoline with Integrated Spinnaker Bag

Outboard Led Rotation and Downhaul Controls

Inter 20 specs -

Length: 20' (6.10m)

Width: 8' 6" (2.59m)

Mast Length: 32' (8.13m)

Weight: 390 lbs. (177kg)

Mainsail with Mast: 193 sq. ft.-sail only --208 with mast area (18m2)

Jib: 53 sq. ft. (4.15m2)

Spinnaker: 270 sq. ft. (23m2)

Construction: vinylester foam, sandwich hulls


H-20 Miracle specs

Presented by

Hobie Cat Co. (USA)


Hobie Cat Co. (USA)


Jack Groeneveld


Length: 19 ft. 6 in. / 5.95 m

Beam: 8 ft. 6 in. / 2.60 m

Draft, board up: 0 ft. 5 in. / 0.13 m

Draft, board down: 2 ft. 9 in. / 0.84 m

Displacement: 420 lbs. / 190 kg

Builder's Remarks

Meet the cat of choice for racers around the world. Specially engineered to set a rapid new pace for the 90s, the Hobie Miracle 20 is designed with every "go fast" feature imaginable, virtually all as standard equipment that would be costly options on other boats. The Harken 8:1 downhaul and prebent Comptip mast enable power at the top of the sail to be controlled, even while trapezing. And, with Harken equipment throughout, quality is guaranteed. For even more control, all jib sheet, jib lead, downhaul and mast rotation adjustments can be made from the trapeze.


Nacra 6/0 specs

For the ultimate in performance, nothing compares with the NACRA 6.0na.

This twenty foot pure performance machine boasts:

The number one racing catamaran in the 20 foot range

High-tech bow foil system

Utilizes features of the successful Nacra 5.8na

Over 250 square feet of sail area

An 8'6" beam

If you want the biggest, fastest, the ultimate, the NACRA 6.0na is just what you've been looking for.

All the speed of the 6.0na is made manageable through innovative control systems and quality Harken fittings throughout.

The fully battened mylar mainsail features a boomless sailplan with a unique clew traveler system providing a powerful yet controllable boat.

No other manufacturer offers anything like it.

Length: 20' (6.10m)

Width: 8'6" (2.59m)


Boards Up: 5" (12.7cm)

Boards Down: 38" (96.5 cm)

Sail Area: 264 sq. ft. (24.5m2)

Weight: 420 lbs. (191 kg)

Mast Length: 31'7" (9.63m)


-note;8.5 FT BEAM VERSION would be N A F-20 class compliant

-Tornado specs --used as benchmark in ratings Edit Reply



Beam 3,05m

mast 9,20m






Length: 19'2.5" (5.85m)

Width: 8'6" (2.59m)


Boards Up: 5" (12.5cm)

Boards Down: 25" (63.5cm)

Sail Area: 247 sq. ft. (22.95m2)

Weight: 385 lbs. (174kg)

Mast Length: 30'3" (9.22m)

please add others if available --thanks