WOW, what a day we had in Waikiki today.† Six beach cats participated in the Waikiki Yacht Club McFaull regatta.† The wind was totally out of control.† Six cats entered, only two made it to the start line and none finished.† First time I witnessed 4-DNS, 2-DNF, and zero finishers.† Dan Williams did get the first place trophy, a liter of rum, as the skipper to complete the most of the course before retiring.Matt and Mike were first to pitch pole, pulled the sail down while on its side and got towed all the way in.† A Prindle flipped outside and again in the yacht harbor approaching the dock and the gal on board has the scars to prove it.† The dog bone on Wiltz trap parted as we were rounding the lee mark and he T-bagged.† Luckily he had the traveler sheet in his hands so he stayed connected and got back on quick.† Then the grommet in the M20 tramp for the mast rotation rope tore out of the tramp.† We retired and headed in.† Dan was far in the lead rounding the windward mark when he snapped his comp tip from pulling too hard on the main downhaul and he quickly headed in before the tip had a catastrophic failure.† Peter N stuffed the bows a few times and was way overpowered he never started and went in.† During the awards presentation we heard the story of a 41 foot mono hull burying the bow on a spinnaker run across the finish line resulting in a snapped spinnaker pole.Here are Danís comments on the event:Matt told me about everyone watching me leave the dock cause it was new to them, and the group saying "whoa did you see that?" As my rudders and stern came up and bows drove down!I like the analogy that Mike Rothwell used for pitching "driving down a mine shaft" funny! I feel lucky to get back in w/o the comptip failing completely! that would have been ugly with the main shredding.Matt and I just about finished off the rum at the house and stumbled around for a while like all good sailors talking about "the carnage".Thanks to Ted for the invitation and Margaret for joining on the committee boat to snap a few photos and do some flag handling.† It was really rough out side so we only have a few photos.† I posted them onto my home page under the album CARNAGE REGATTA.† You can click on the hyperlink in the signature at the bottom. Take a look.† Let me know if you want me to email any to you.

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