G'day again guys as I'm trying to organise to get to the Sauna sail 2008, the kids are at me for not having the F12's ready and wont sail the 420's. I was thinking that 2009 Sauna Sail would suit me for the Australian or even (World's), It would certainly be great to start up a Blediscoe cup for the F12's.
To me Sauna Sail suits because,
1. It doesn't interfere with club sailing
2. Its near to all the F12's I know of in Australia
3. Probably cheapest place for Kiwi's to get to in Oz
4. Warmish water
5. Fair size regatta to give the F12's some profile
6. Cheap camping
7. Its on a long weekend

Downsides are all the normal things like being cold, camping without TV,computer etc and driving for 8 hours to get there.
By organising something early we give the kids a chance to learn their boats over summer, adults a chance to build boats and a chance to talk to Sauna sails commitee to guage their opinion
I look forward to your thoughts

Jeff Southall
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