The Formula 16 Governing Council is pleased to announce the official formation and adoption of the following National Class Associations:

Australia, Netherlands, Great Britain

These three associations join the already existing United States F16 Association. All of these associations are dedicated to the cause of furthering F16 sailing in their region(s) and helping to promote the class worldwide.

Membership of any of these associations or, in the absence of a National Association in a boat owner's country of residence, membership of the International Association can be obtained online at after completing the membership form and payment of the membership fee via PayPal.

We would urge all existing owners of F16 compliant boats to join at the earliest opportunity so that the future existence of the class and the value of used boats can be assured. The sooner that we can reach a critical mass worldwide of REGISTERED F16 owners, the sooner the rest of the sailing fraternity will accept the class as a genuine Formula class, ranking in it's own right alongside other, more established formula classes and established Single Manufacturer classes. A lot of work has been undertaken by F16 owners on several continents to get to this stage and for this work the F16GC are very grateful, please support these volunteer's efforts by formally registering your boat ownership in this way.

Thank you and Happy Sailing!

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John Alani,
Secretary, F16 Governing Council