G'day hopefully the Goolwa-Milang will get going again but I thought I would start a thread for any club to publicise they're event.
My home club, Lacepede Bay Sailing Club situated in Kingston SE South Australia 300km from Adelaide and 550km from Melbourne has the following races annually. This seasons dates are
Jan 10th to 11th 2009, Lobster Regatta
Series of 3 buoy races on Saturday to determine handicap then Sunday morning 15km from Cape Jaffa to Kingston SE. This race is also suitable for juniors or novices, theres no ocean swell as its sailed inside the reef and no rocks on any of the beaches enabling anyone to park they're boat and await pickup by ground crew. Less experienced sailors and juniors travel together with a dedicated rescue boat then race the last 1km to the club weather permitting. The more experienced sailors will have a ball, this year no one was game to put they're spin up with a 20plus knott plus bullets downwind run in 4 to 5 ft waves.

April 18th Earthmovers Classic
This is our last sail of the season and is 5km SW from our club to the southern drain, then 10km N to the Northern drain then 5km SE back to the club. This is a pretty fast race sailed on the afternoon seabreeze. <img src="http://www.catsailor.com/forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />

For those who dine at our club on our unbelievably cheap meals and drink from our very cheap bar there is free camping next to your mast up cat at the club and use of facilities overnight such as toilets showers etc.
For those who want different accomodation pm me and I can assist

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