Just keeping up with developments in N A Formula Class progress ,-just -their first full year -
I,m a fan of all Formula Classes and similar development class concepts ,-hope no one minds the unofficial post and comments .
Comments on F-18s class --and C F 4 info
regatta info http://www.catfightrace.com/

The Great Lakes F-18 Championships (Catfight)
Aug. 22, 23 & 24th
Muskegon, Mi
10 F-18s already on the attending list
CatHouse is hoping to have an answer on the 3 NACRA F-18 prototypes by Friday;.seven sailors are now on the waiting list;.IF we get 1 or 3 boats the first one is heading to CRAW
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From: Guy

Update on F-18 Class development in Wisconsin. Looks like we will have seven F-18's in Wisconsin this year. Some thoughts on the class: A few years ago, when most of Wisconsin and Michigan sailed Nacra 5.8's, we enjoyed a 42 boat fleet for the nationals at Traverse City. The 5.8 is a great boat but as boats further developed the 5.8 went the way of 5.2, being replaced for the most part with the 6.0. Each time I relunctantly made the change, I enjoyed the superior performance and wider competition of the new boat. I have to say that once I sailed the I20 a few times I was completely converted. The I20 renewed my interest in just sailing for the fun of it. I sailed a lot of boats but the I20 is clearly the most fun. Downwind sailing is now even more fun than upwind sailing. Here is the problem. I, and a lot of others keep changing boats, each time diluting our sport as a one design game. Each time it seems the boats narrow the competitive crew weight. In the long run I cannot believe this is healthy for our sport. I am convinced that the F-18 concept can change this. The rules are well developed and proven, having been used successfully for some time in Europe. By using the same platform, and maintaining equal sail area to displacment ratios, the F-18 Class accommodates a wide range of crew weights with the same speed potential. By using a formula rule, any manufacturer can build a boat for the class, Hobie, Mystere, Dart, and Performance all build competitive boats. If we have a chance of again getting many people on the same starting line it will be through a concept like the F-18. Europe has proven it works drawing large fleets. More and more of the world's top sailors are getting into the class. I encourage everyone to take a few minutes to check out the class at NAF18.com and follow the links to the international F-18 site.

Re: f-18
From: John

Guy, I think you nailed it on the head. The F18 class has way more to offer. That is why I purchased a Tiger in October. The reasons are clear. I can race boat for boat against other manufacturers entries into the F18 world without corrected time. That has always been a sore spot for me. Plus I can still race one design at Hobie events. It is the best of both worlds for me. And now with NAF-18 aligning with the ISAF F18 rules - I think you will see positive growth in NAF-18. I was reluctant to join because NAF-18 was out of step with the rest of the world. But they have seen the light and I will be submitting my membership application soon - after I get back from the Tiger Worlds in Singapore. Hope to see you on the water this summer. Fair winds. John

Re: f-18
From: Matt S

Glad to hear Wisconsin is moving forward with the F-18 class. Domonique and I like the F-18 class and look forward to sailing in as many F-18 racing events as possible this summer. The class suits everyone. With the support of the International class it is possible to hold a World Championship in North America in the future. This class may be the greatest advancment in one design racing in recent times. See you on the water. Matt

Subject: Cat Fight IV

above copy from the N A f-18 and C F 4 R C .

We are gearing up to make Cat Fight IV the number two regatta behind Spring Fever Regatta in USA. Hey, we even have a shot at #1! What we need is get all the Cat Sailors that think they may attend this or would like to be there; to get on the Cat Fight attending list

Why?.... To get the regatta numbers into the hundreds, we;ll need to attract a large number of sailors from outside of the Great Lakes.the larger the attending list gets the more interest is generated for Cat Fight.

Remember ; we need all Cat Sailors;.Everyone has FUN at Cat Fight You do not need to be an expert sailor to enjoy this regatta.

Update: The list is now at 48 cats with the new F-18 crowd leading the way with 10 boats. 16 more members sign up on 1-22-03;. several on 1-23-03are you on the list!!!.

Cat Fight Committee

Comments on other Formula Classes in N A - --Carl >

Hope to see a number of Formula 16s this season also .
These are great hi tech lightweight fast boats ,-can be sailed raced one up or 2 in class ,-
There are a number of great designs in class to choose from ,-and plenty of new interest in this already international class . http://www.catsailor.com/forums/postlist.php?Cat=&Board=Fleet45

F-18 H T s the jav 2 and we hope others soon in N A .
tHE jAV 2 was featured in Sailing World as boat of the year in class .
It has been selected for the Worrell 1000 which will have 30 additional charter boats to add to the growing fleet of already existing 18 hts sailed by some of the best catsailors in the world , and by many of the 36 international teams currently signed up for the 03 Worrell 1000 .
Rumors are next years Worrell 1000 will open up to all 18 hts ,-it will add an interesting element to an already fantasic event .
F-18 ht info http://www.f18htclass.com/

Formula 20s have,- as on other continents been slower to develop ,-varying boat specifications in N A have caused some delay ,-but with ongoing activity in all other length -weight categories the 20s will be sure to follow as Formula concepts become understood and accepted by N A catsailors .
F-20 rules --http://www.lakelaniersailing.com/f20class/

Should be a great racing season ahead !

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