Performance Sail and Sport will continue its 10 year history of a two day, round trip, race from its location in Melbourne Florida, just north of Pineda Causeway, on the west side of the Indian River, proceeding south for 30 miles to Captainís Hiramís in Sebastian, Florida, and returning the following day. The race will commence on Saturday October 25th, 2008 and return on Sunday October 26th. The Organinizing Authority (OA) is Performance Sail and Sport Inc. (host organization).

The race will be governed by the rules found in the Racing Rules of Sailing, unless modified as authorized by this NOR and/or the Sailing Instructions (SI). The SI will be published and available at the host organization, or will be mailed to early registrants, providing email addresses are made available by the registrants to the RC, at least one month before racing, or otherwise at the skippers meeting the morning of the race. The skippers meeting will be held in the park south of Performance Sail and Sport at 0900, October 25th, 2008. The RC will be formed by the PRO, US Sailing CRO Warren Green and may be contacted by email at or by phone at 321 544 1512.

The following RRS are modified: Rule 44.1 and 44.2 is modified to require boats to complete only one penalty turn in the event of breaking a rule of part 2. (When boats meet and boats rounding a mark or obstruction.) Rule 79, advertising is not restricted on boats or crew. Rule 26 is modified as the warning flag will be a large red flag in lieu of a class flag. Rule 70.4, the right to appeal judgments of the RC, the only judging body,
Will be denied.

The warning flag will be no earlier than 10.25AM EDT, October 25th, 2008. The start will be a Lemanís water start, off the park by markers, south of the host organization.

Hiramís Haul is for all classes of beach type catamarans from 15 Ė 22 feet in length. All entries will be raced using one open class and using Portsmouth numbers for handicapping purposes.

Entry will be completed by submission of an entry form, signed by skipper and crew, and payment of entry fee. Early registration is encouraged and maybe accomplished by picking up an entry form at the host organization or requesting one by email to the PRO at the address above, submitting it by email or dropping it at the host organization. Entry fee may be paid on the day of racing. Registration may take place any time by email, in person, or by mail at Performance sail and Sport inc., 6055 N US 1, Melbourne, FL 32940, phone number: 321 253 3737.

Early hotel arrangements are encouraged at Captain Hiramís Key West Motel at 772 589 4345. There is also a Best Western Motel near by. There are a few other hotels, and even one or two B & Bís but race competitors and/or associates are own their own. Rates have been protected with limited rooms at Captain Hiramís.