Performance Sail and Sport will continue its 10 year history of a two day, round trip, race from its location in Melbourne Florida, just north of Pineda Causeway, on the west side of the Indian River, proceeding south for 30 miles to Sebastian, Florida, and returning the following day. The race will commence on Saturday October 25th, 2008 and return on Sunday October 26th. The Organinizing Authority (OA) is Performance Sail and Sport Inc. (host organization).

Sailing Instructions
1.The organizing authority is Performance Sail and Sport Inc.
2.Rules: This event will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing unless modified herein. No national authority prescriptions will apply.
3.The published Hiram’s Haul NOR and this Sailing Instructions (SI) with stated references, are the only documents which apply.
4.Rules 3 in part and 4 are repeated here for emphasis: 3. By participating in a race conducted under the rules each competitor agrees (a) to be governed by the rules and (c) with the respect to such determination, not to resort to any court or any other tribunal not provided for in the rules. And 4.The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone.
5.By the act of participation in this race, each skipper and crew member clearly understands that there is no chase boat provided in the race and the safety of members rest solely with the skipper and crew of said boat and further certifies that the crew is capable of righting the boat without assistance.
6.The following rules are modified for this race:
a.The starting sequence will be as described in Rule 26, with the exception that the Class flag will be a large RED flag.
b.Informational: Skippers should be aware of the Postponement signal, which is the AP signal (A pennant with vertical red and white stripes), may be used any time up until the start signal by the RC to indicate that there is some reason to delay the start. One minute after the AP signal is removed the start sequence will begin again.
c.Rule 44.1 and 44.2 is modified to require boats to complete only one penalty turn in the event of an infraction of a Rule of part 2. (When boats meet and boats rounding a mark or obstruction.) Rule 79, advertising is not restricted on boats or crew. Rule 70.4, the right to appeal judgments of the RC, the only judging body, will be denied.
d.Change to the definition of Racing, in Part 2: In this race, there will be a requirement that boats finishing the first leg in Sebastian will be considered as “still racing” after crossing the finish line until your boat has been brought to the haul out location ashore. Boats which have finished will need to cross other finishing boats when moving to the haul out location. All finishing boats will be considered ‘right of way boats’ over all boats already finished.
7.Any changes to the SI will be handed out at the skippers meeting.
8.Required safety equipment: Each member of the crew is required to wear a CG approved life preserver and carry enough beverage to prevent thirst for the duration.
9.All signals, Start, Finish and Postponement will be made ashore.
10.The Course: Described in attachment 1 to this SI.
11.Start sequence for the first day, October 25th
a.Please see attachment 2, sketch of start and finish locations at Performance Sail and Sport.
b.All boats will be stationed at an assigned marker, with left bow at the marker, in accordance with the number assigned at registration. In the event that there are not enough markers for boats, remaining boats should form a continuing line, in sequence, following the shore line around the cove, with appropriate spacing. Signals will be made from a pier on the north side of the Host building.. Look for a large Blue flag for location, which will be removed approximately 10 minutes before start, with a multi-blast of horn.
c.No penalty flags will be used.
Starting Sequence (Rule 26) repeated here:

Class (Red) Flag hoisted 5 min to start; 1 sound
(Expected at 10:25 AM) Preparatory(P)flag hoisted 4 minutes to start 1 sound
Preparatory flag removed 1 minute to start 1 long sound
Class (Red) flag removed Start 1 sound

12.The finish in Sebastian: The finish line will be a line extending directly eastward, (no visible east end, but boats must be in reasonable close proximity of the RC on the pier) from the City Park pier displaying a large Blue flag. See the attached sketch, attachment 3, of the finish/start area in Sebastian. Expect a whistle sound at crossing. If no signal is heard, the official recording of finish time by the RC will be final.
13.Start for the return leg: The finish line for the first day will be the start line for the second day. The second day start sequence will be the same as the first day.
14.Finish for the second day: The finish line will be defined by a large yellow inflated marker off shore from Performance Sail and Sport building. This marker will not be very far off shore. The line will extend from that marker directly on shore where signaler and timer will be stationed with a large Orange flag. Boats may cross the line in either direction, but must be aware that ‘right of way’ rules will still be in effect.
Attachments (3)(These will be handed out at registration)

Hiram’s Haul Course (1)
Diagram at Performance Sailing and Sport
(Start Location) (2)
Sebastian Finish/Start Location Diagram (3)