If you have not done so already, download these two documents:
H16 Assembly Manual: https://www.hobiecat.com/support/pdfs/H16_Manual.pdf
Hobie U: http://www.hobiecat.com/support/pdfs/HobieU.pdf

It sounds like you do not have the jib halyard/forestay tensioned properly. The "static" forestay only holds the mast up before the jib halyard is tensioned. The wire in the jib luff is the real forestay under sail and must be snug. When the jib halyard/forestay is snug, the static forestay will be slack. See Figure 50 in the Assembly Manual and (a little fuzzy) here: http://www.hcana.hobieclass.com/sit...%20RI%20photos%20ori/pages/IMG_2655.html

Parts and supplies are available at the on line store on this Cat Sailor site. OEM Hobie parts are available through dealers.