One worry of many sailors considering Formula racing is development costs .

It may be good to write into basic rules accepted existing 20 ft cat designs approved for F-20 .
Any mast sails rudders boards hulls crossbeam from any could be used in combination .

Specialized custom boats and more expensive mast sail combinations would have to wait until the basic class got going .
Then a more custom maybe lighter formula HT 20 class could evolve from there ,-dividing it into a production class category and a custom class or HT category in the future .

This would limit costs and define boats to readily available existing 20 ft boats and their parts and sails .

Rule may read --existing Hobie Fox -H-20 -Nacra 6/0 -Inter 20 ,-Mystere 20 ,-Storm 20 ,-P-19 -Supercat 20 boats or componants may be used in F-20 racing with snuffer systems and hardware of choice.

Reef systems are already allowed .