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Of course I have the thread on the composite tube which is running on itís own. I figured it had wider appeal for those who do not follow this thread.

I made a test panel with the foam and carbon on both sides - man this stuff is stiff and light! I whacked it with a hammer and holed the outer skin of the panel slightly but that was expected. The panel did not fail. I did not have the outer skin of just regular E-glass on the test panel like the boat will have. Iíll have to try that test on the next panel. It was test the new glue for the strips. I changed to gorilla glue the picture of the panel has a strip of divinycell with dried gorilla glue on the edge.

The gorilla glue sands at the same rate as the foam so that means I should be able to fare out more of the boat with less bog! I also took more care in setting the mold stations and fared the stations.

The Gray strips are H-80 so I will not have to drill holes in the foam as I had to with the starboard side except for the extreme compression area. Things seem to be going at a much faster pace. I hope to have the hull foamed by the end of the weekend. One thing I would do different if I had it to do over and would be to use H-80 on the whole boat not H-60. H-60 is lighter but H-80 is nicer to work with.


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