Hi all, Rum Race was run by Victor Harbour yacht club last Sunday. Wind was 10 to 12knots, swell was up to 2 metres but confused so surfing the ocean swell was a bit harder then usual but managed to get a few good rides grin . Couldn't find the mark at Port Elliot again. I hung back at the start to watch the pile up at the committee boat and sure enough it happened, crossed the start line 45 seconds after the gun at the committee boat and tacked onto port, trying to stay out of the windshadows of the big cats and get across to the bluff to pick up the starboard tack lift. The plan worked and I managed get through the gate and round the windward mark ahead of Simon and Mark on Young Mariner, not by much though, stayed in front most of the way to Port Elliot but they got past me during the hunt for the mark and I couldn't catch them downwind, closed the gap a few times, just could not catch them. Was a good race, we crossed the line 7th and 8th out of 24 cats.
link to the results


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