2011 Nacra 20 (and then some) North American Championship
Notice of Race
October 10-13, 2011
Pensacola Beach Yacht Club
1.1 The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing, and class rules of the competing classes, except as any of these rules are altered by the regatta sailing instructions.
2.1 Advertising will be restricted to Category A
3.1 The regatta will be open to all spinnaker catamarans less than 21’ in length
3.2 Early registration at keysailing.com
3.3 Entries will be taken on the day of the regatta
4.1 Invited Classes: Nacra 20, Open 20, Nacra 17, Formula 18, Formula 16
4.2 5 boats shall constitute a class
4.3 Nacra 20’s will be eligible for prizes in both the Nacra 20 and the Open 20 classes
4.4 Multiple starts are planned, based upon entries
4.5 NOTE: Open 20 Class as being developed by Joe Procreva, Ken Altman, Charlie Trinque, and Kevin Rejda. Class rules to be published in the next couple of weeks, some discussion and preliminary rules posted here :
5.1 Entry fees will be based on distance boat is trailered per Mapquest.
5.2 Less than 500 miles, $200 doublehand $150 singlehand.
5.3 Between 500 and 1000 miles, $150 doublehand, $100 singlehand.
5.4 Boats trailered over 1000 miles will be entered at no cost.
5.5 Entries postmarked after September 18th - all doublehand boats will be $250 regardless of distance, singlehand boats $200, regardless of distance.
Sunday, October 9th
0100-0500 Check-in/registration at Key Sailing
0500 - Check-in/registration and welcome party at Pensacola Beach Yacht Club
Monday, October 10th
0900-1000 Late Registration at Key Sailing
1000 Skippers Meeting behind Key Sailing
1130 Warning signal
Party/gathering TBA
Tuesday, October 11th
1000 Warning signal
Party/gathering TBA
Wednesday, October 12th
1000 Warning signal
Dinner at Bimini Beach Bar downstairs at Hemmingways
Thursday, October 13th
1000 Warning signal
No race will start after 1430
Awards to follow the conclusion of racing
7. Races
There will be no limit on the number of races to be attempted.
8. Sailing Instruction
Sailing Instructions will be available at registration.
9. Scoring
The low point scoring system of RRS Appendix A will be used.
When 5 or fewer races are scored a boat’s score shall be the total of all races. If 6 or more races are completed a boat’s score shall be the total of all races excluding the worst eligible finish.
10. Contacts
Kevin Rejda, Principal Race Officer, krejda1@escambia.k12.fl.us 850-293-4143
Kirk Newkirk, kirk@keysailing.com 1-866-keysail
2011 Nacra 20 (and then some) North American Championship
SKIPPER NAME________________________________
CREW NAME__________________________________
BOAT MAKE___________________________________
SAIL NUMBER_________________________________
NOTE: Anyone registering to sail in the Open 20 class, please contact Kevin Rejda regarding measurement of sails prior to the event. Stock Nacra 20 sails will not need to be measured.
Entry Fees (make checks payable to Key Sailing)
__Doublehand, over 1000 miles, $0
__Singlehand, over 1000 miles, $0
__Doublehand, over 500 miles, $150
__Singlehand, over 500 miles, $100
__Doublehand, less than 500 miles, $200
__Singlehand, less than 500 miles, $150
Entry includes shirts for skipper and crew, Wednesday night dinner, lots of racing.
Mail Form and Check to:
Nacra 20 NA’s
c/o Key Sailing
500 Quietwater Beach Blvd.
Pensacola Beach, FL 32561

Rick White
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