The Weather Gods were with us for the 10th Annual Union Regatta. A beautiful sunny day “With Wind”. About 15 kts. The weather history at CCSA shows 10 to 20.8 during the race. The gusts with an East/South East Direction off land made for some work. Kirk Smith was the first Flip victim right after the start in bay. From what I heard Steve Greer went over on the back side of Three Rooker got some help from a Skidoo but continued on to finish the course. Larry Willis went over but got on their feet and finished in sixth.

All the Boats were fast. The course for the Low Portsmouth boats was unique this year with some new strategy points. Round Anclote Island either direction, Round the Spider Buoy to port at the Clearwater pass and come home. (38 miles). Since the first boat made it in 2.5 hours that is an average speed of 15 miles per hour. They have to be going a lot faster than that to make up for the tacks and slow points.

The High Portsmouth Fleet course was around Three Rooker Island either direction, to the Spider Buoy at Clearwater and back. (25 miles). Hans was the only one to take the island to starboard and said it really paid off. The average speed for Hans Geissler was 12 miles per hour. That is fast. He would have been a bit faster if he didn’t lose his main halyard when coming in the pass to finish.

It was a great race, the first three finishers were on the sports page of the St. Petersburg Times this morning and the full results will be on the site shortly. Judy sent them to Lou last night. Below are the results we sent to the paper.

Terry & Judy

“TBCSI Union Regatta”
At Dunedin Causeway Final Results for August 31, 2003
Sponsored By: Tampa Bay Catamaran Sailors, Inc

High Portsmouth

First—Rojkowski/Geisler on a G-Cat 5.7

Second—DeKreek on a Hobie 14 Turbo

Third—Parker on a Mystere 5.0XL

Fourth—Hirst on a Supercat 15

Fifth—Barton/Barton on a Supercat 17

Sixth—Willis/Guffey on a Prindle 18

Seventh—DeCuzzi/LaRock on a Hobie 16

Low Portsmouth

First—Mims/Catley on a Mystere 6.0

Second—Fondrk/Bedgood on a Nacra 6.0

Third—Imlah/Vanderipe on a Hobie 20

Fourth—Crawford on a Taipan 4.9

Fifth—Fisherkeller on a Dart 20

Sixth—Peters on a Prindle 19MX