The Kipling brand name and the unique mascot of the Kipling monkey may strike as extraordinary to some shoes , However if you connect The Jungle Book story and Rudyard Kipling then it is immediately evident why the Kipling brand uses the Kipling Monkey.

Designed for practicality and functionality, the ethos focused on by this eclectic brand is adventure, functionality and fun combined to make a fabulous product which is both durable and long-lasting.

Fun And Practicality In Kipling Handbags

Since 1987 the brand has created extremely good-looking and stylish Kipling handbags for women on the go.

Combining an adventurous streak with bright colours and unique patterns, the handbag is serious in terms of functionality and durability but have a light-hearted look and feel.

With good-looking and smart practical Kipling handbags any woman can look pulled together and drizzle with oodles of panache. The fun and informal look of the bags masks the practicality, longevity and durability offered by these travel companions.

Without looking like a fashionista the brand allows women to retain their own personality and sense of style by exhibiting confidence and class through the use of Kipling handbags. The most intriguing feature when it comes to the handbags designed by Kipling is the use of unique and interesting colours and patterns. Who would think a tiger print in fuchsia and silver would complement the basic black outfit or designer office suit? But that is where the charm of Kipling handbags truly lies.

Series Of Kipling Handbags

There is a different range of products available under the Kipling handbags series. From the Vintage series which is extremely charming and subtle to the series known as the*rilla Girlz?which offers funky and bold patterns; it is possible to select one product that matches a person's fashion sense.

The same brand caters to different types of individuals who might be businesswomen, young teenagers, college students or socialites.

The other category which is known as the Basics series covers of fresh range of unique patterns blended with different eclectic styles that are both functional and can be used practically on a daily basis.

The entire spectrum covers fluidity and the features which truly standout are the ones that have actually been focused upon to catch the persons eye.

Versatility Of The Kipling Handbags

Another series titled if?comprises of imaginative patterns and designs which have unique features that stand out and catch the eye of a viewer. This series is all about highlighting an individual's sense of fun through the bold and imaginative use of patterns.

Complementing Kipling Accessories And Travel Bags

Under the sipling 2 Go?range and the complementing Kipling accessories section women can select different types of small items which are functional and practical for adornment purposes while providing practical storage solutions specially during traveling.

Types Of Kipling Handbags

One of the most popular items is the Kipling handbags which is actually a backpack known as the Twist Blue and comes under the Kipling 2 Go series. The range is comprehensive as it is unique and women can find a handbag that suits the unique requirements by browsing through the entire exclusive range of Kipling handbags.