We are within 1 month to the start of the Ruff Rider Regatta in South Padre Island, TX. Need a reason to sail? Here's 10...

10. Cold beer tastes better in remote locations.

9. Andrew and Stephanie are back to cook for us again!

8. The Hobie Hilton is an equal housing opportunity.

7. Your sailing T-shirt collection is getting a little “yellow in the pit”, if you know what I mean…

6. Your trampoline won’t squeak as much as a hotel bed.

5. Your coworkers will all be jealous of your raccoon suntan the following week.

4. What happens on the mud flats, stays on the mud flats.

3. Go karts and fireworks after a few drinks…uhh I mean registration.

2. 110 mile soaking wet sleigh ride, need I say more?

And the #1 reason to sail Ruff Rider 2012

1. Surely it can’t blow from the north 3 years in a row…

Go to www.ruffrider.net to sign up. We are looking forward to an awesome run this year, don't miss out!

Are you a college or high school student? Half price entry fee if both skipper and crew are at least part time students.


Shannon Galway
Fulshear, TX
YoNav! Flying Phantom