Just want to remind you of the up coming Division 11 Hobie Wave Championship, September 14-15 at Shore Acres YC.
Last year I took my Wave up there on a Sunday afternoon to show some club members the boat and let them sail it. At that time they were thinking about purchasing 5 boats for their youth and women's sailing. Then Sandy came along and destroyed the club. They are now in the process of fund raising for the new club. I know new boats are the last thought on their mind, but I would like to get a good turnout for this Wave event to show them how the class is growing (had 25 Waves at the regatta at Put-in-Bay) and once the club house issue is resolved they can think about new boats. We definitely have 3 boats going and looking for more. Let me know if you are coming.

Can you forward this to Herb James, Bob Longo and anyone else that has a Wave in your fleet.

Greg & Kathy,
There was a good turnout at your regatta, 5 Waves. Can you talk to those sailors at your location and try to get them to sail.



Rick White
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