I have an early Christmas present for some adventurous

Corsair 31 sailors...and a chance to show (once again) to the sailing world,
just how great these boats and their sailors are!

I've just negotiated a very interesting turn of events with the BOR (Bermuda
Ocean Race) people. They have agreed to allow 5 Corsair 31's to race as a
one design class in the 2004, Annapolis to Bermuda event. (June 11th.) This
would be the first time multihulls of any kind have ever been allowed to
participate. As I'm sure you all know this is one of the premier offshore
races for any boat and I'm looking for 4 more Corsair 31 boats.

This is a "serious as a heart-attack" kind of race, it's a true offshore,
blue water event that takes you out 658 miles off shore, the middle third of
the race is beyond helicopter rescue range. Skippers must have offshore
hours and a racing resume. The boats need to be up to ORC regs. for
multihull Cat.1...(kinda)

In working with the BOR, we have agreed on several rule changes that would
allow the boats to run. They (the BOR) really want this to happen...and just
with F31s!

The F boats would be the only one design Multihull class in the race. (we
will internally handicap each model by weight if necessary)

The course record is a little over 86 hours by a monohull...

Interested parties need to write me at this address and or call me.

PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST, most BOR officials don't know about this yet, and
it may confuse officials if multihull questions are being

peppered at them.