First Post! I hope that I can be sent to a link that might be relevant to my question. I am about to start the refurbishing of my old 1970 16. I am almost finished with the decks. I thought that was going to be the easier part, but I was really wrong. After about 10 gallons of 5:1 fixing the soft spots, and fiber, primer, paint, and kiwi grip, I am almost done. (Please, no lectures on the fact that I should have bought a new boat). So NOW, I am invested and looking at my next project...the rest. I have attached a photo of my hull in one of the worst ares (Cannot tell if photo was attached). Surprisingly, there is no water coming in to the hulls. I sail this boat on a regular basis and it is dry. I hope the photo shows the deep pitting in the gel, all the way down to the glass. I am going to start off with two questions: What is the procedure for repairing this (Please, do not tell me to buy a new boat. Give me 12 grand, and I will). The repairs have been fun and relatively cheap. And to keep one of the original 16's in the water, it is important to me to repair it. I want to sand everything flat and fill the voids with q-cell (slow kick 5:1 epoxy), sand and re-gel. Without reglassing the whole boat, are there any other ideas or my second question, links? I know this boat will never be back to original condition, and it may need work for the rest of my life. But I am willing to put in the work.

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