From the loud clunking noises of pile hammer which belongs to piling operation platform, the first PHC pile of phase Ⅲ drain pipe project which belongs to Guangzhou SalvageVietnam coastal power plant began to construct. The length of this project’s base slot excavation was up to 550m and it was an other major task. Guangzhou Salvage used a cutter suction dredger with 300m dredging hose to start the construction of underwater trench. The measurement personnel would measure the depth of water of base slot excavation at once whenever they finished excavation with small segment, to make sure the depth of excavation conformed with the requirements of design.
To be sure to start the project on time, the whole personnel of the cutter suction dredger work away both day and night. Till June 26, it opened up a 250 meter-long, 29 meter-wide, 8-meter-deep underwater liner channel and cleaned up 2,12 billion cubic of silt and it established the foundation for driving of first PHC pile within one month.
This project used self floating hose for the dredging. Compared with traditional hose, it chooses single foam flotation casing to prevent water absorption and its outer cover with excellent abrasion resistance and UV protection. The hose has two sides, so it can take turns using it.Furthermore, it is easy to install and it has long service. The dredging hose dredging hose company also manufactures and supplies armored hose, UHMWPE hose, polyethylene hose, dredge suction hose and discharge hose. If you want to know more information about dredging hose, please browse dredging hose