UHMWPE hose possesses high wear resistance,high corrosion resistance and low temperature resistance, it can transport salt slurry,brine and other things in sea and lake salt chemical engineering.
1. Sea salt transporting: During the technological process of sea salt production, the centralized salt evaporation pond usually uses large diameter hose to convey; semi-centralized salt evaporation pond usually uses small diameter hose to convey. The mechanized salt evaporation pond transports crude salt to workshop from several kilometer-long hydraulic pipe line. The salt chemical factory smashes, washes and dries the sea salt with impurities to get the normal refined salt production. From crude salt to the washing equipment, all the factories use pipeline hydraulic transport. However, using steel pipe to transport the sea salt is not a good idea. It will add the percentage of powder salt in crude salt from the frictional impact of machine and waterpower, so the powder salt will flow away with brine and it will cause serious powder salt loss. In addition, it will cause scaling phenomenon easily when we use steel pipe to transport. If we use UHMWPE hose, it will absorb impact energy to reduce the crushing of the crude salt. Moreover, the wear resistance of UHMWPE hose is much better than steel pipe and it has a lot of other advantages. For example, UHMWPE hose has good low temperature resistance,its wight is light and it extends the service time of transporting pipes.
2. Brine transporting: There are a lot of transporting pipes are used in salt plant and soda plant, Chinese newest production changed the traditional open trench transport to pressure piping transport. Using steel pipes to transport brine was very liable to corrosion and abrasion. However, the good wear resistance and corrosion resistance of UHMWPE hose is especially suitable for brine transporting. UHMWPE hose