Port rubber fender makes a sizable contribution for marine system all this time,however,port rubber fender also will be damaged. So let us talk about what are the causes of damage to rubber fender?
First of all, the main cause of craze on rubber fender is that the kinetic energy is too much when ships strike the rubber fender, and it exceeds the bearing loads of rubber fender. What’s more, the berthing speed is too high and the berthing angle is too big cause the too much impact kinetic energy, especially when the berthing angle is too big, the bow will touch the port and rubber fender before the hull of the ship, so it leads to the powerful impact kinetic energy fasten on one or a few rubber fenders and it leads to the damage to rubber fenders. Except above reasons, it will also be affected by the storm effect to the ship and so on.
The rubber fender mainly has some damage phenomena like missing edge off angle, craze, and galled spots and the main reason of causing the damage is that the force of friction is too high. When the ship berthed with a high tangential speed and the frictional force of the contact segment is too much, so the rubber fender was forced to move forward with the ship and cause the damage to the rubber fender. Moreover, during the mooring operation term, the ships sometimes move forward and backward or sway by the wave. port rubber fender