Super cone fender is the third generation of super cell fender fender, which using the newest design of cone rubber and preposed steel frame, makes compressive deformation from 52.5% to 70% and becomes one of the top-class fender. Its appearance, making the design of dock is light-duty and reducing the project cost of dock. Moreover, it is also the ideal substitute good of super cell fender.
Super cone fender has been 10 years old since its production and it becomes the new trend, the new standard of fender design to use super cone fender.
1.Comparing with the same specification of super rubber fender, its absorbed energy almost doubled.
2.When the reaction force and absorbed energy under the same condition, choosing the small TD-AA cone fender can replace larger size TD-A super cell fender. It means that we can use TD-AA800H to replace TD-A1000H fender, so we can the project cost of docks.
3.When the ship is slant berthing (less than 10 degrees), its performance almost does not decrease (better than TD-A)
4.It installs PE laminated board before the impingement plate and which can reduce the friction coefficient (less than 0.2) to reduce the horizontal force greatly when the ship is berthing and it increase the super cone fenderís lifespan.
5.The impingement plates usually use airtight structure,with high strength and high corrision resistance.
6.Because the fender never contact with ships directly, so it has long lifespan and other advantages. super cone fender