Foam filled fender uses a kind of foam with light weight and high elasticity as buffer media and it is the floating fender system which is more excellent than pneumatic fender. It is widely used on docks, short sea and the operation of ship to ship. There are some features about it:
1.Comparing to normal compressibility fenders, solid foam filler fender possesses buoyancy, so the Installation location will not be effected by tidal range.
2.Comparing with pneumatic fenders, it doesn’t need to check and inflate during the usage; it has no maintainability; It will not burst and has safety.
3.Comparing with pneumatic fenders, it has higher energy absorption and lower reaction force.
4.It is customized by clients’ requirements and it has the biggest size among the fenders.
5.It can be with various colors and looks beautiful.
6.Using chain to hang it and it is easy to install, so can prolong its lifespan. foam filled fender