hell all I just had my main sail recut wow what a diffrents it was the one I bought at state titls in Bendigo. as you all know I have fiberglass wooden deck mozzie now I was thinking weather to get new rudders @weather or not to put new deck on it but not shore if its worth spending money on it what do you guys think its 80 kg un rigged . I just had the tiapan champ from our club take it out for a sail he sail is now great but the boat he it wants to get up @go but it wont iv just the asked association for a tunning manual. id like some feed back from some of you guys please if its worth doing id like to do it so I can come down to hazlewood sauana sail so some of you could help tune it up as im the only mozzie at Yarrawonga its hard to compare set ups thanx guys if you you can contact by personal email at beck.michael62@gmail.com any advise would be helpful thanx guys Michael beck.