Hi all,

Last time I sailed seems the new Spinnaker sheet set up is a winner. You need nearly twice as much sheet and some shockcord (under the tramp). But it offers many advantages, enough length to trapeze if needed and it's allways within reach. To set up length of sheets, you need enough to reach the end of the pole, through your blocks and diagonally across the tramp to the corner of the back beam and hull. You may be able to trim a bit more off the length after use, but I think this is a good starting point. I'm still using the ring with shockcord on the clew to help take up sheet length when the spinnaker is down.
I have put pics on the facebook site, or if you are around other spinnaker cats, have a look at them, it's similar to Nacra 17 and some F18's and F16's.