How to stay up-to-date with Florida 300 news.

The race moves fast and we try to keep everyone updated. Finish times will be posted to the SSPUSA website and shared to Facebook and Twitter as soon as possible. When the last boat finishes each day, scoring will be updated email will be sent out to the announcement list.

Ways to keep informed.

1. Check the Florida 300 News Page often.

2. Join the announcement email list. Important updates and announcements will be emailed out, but you only get them if you have been opted-in to the mailing list. Be assured the list is only used for news from SSPUSA, the organizers of the Florida 300.

3. Like and follow us on Facebook. Stories posted on the website will be shared on Facebook, plus you get quick pictures and stories and Facebook "Go Live" from the beach.

4. Follow us on Twitter.