It is great to see the Atlantic 1000 site up-- -- and the event running with an article in Sailing World .

The Atlantic 1000 is using basic guidelines for entrants of up to 20 ft boat length --8.5 ft beam --etc --with a min 102 Texel rating ..
It is in effect a very loose Formula classification ,-constructed of necessity as many informal Formula groups are now ,-Out of this sailors will take interest and develop a more defined set of rules for future events .

-Hope we see a number of varied 20s on the start line for the 1000 mile race in May .
On rules formulation for future 1000s ,needed is a broad Formula for all 20s,--outlined- basic design parameters that allow competitors to modify their boats for this type of extreme racing to a set of maximum measurements or in formula of measurement of LENGTH BEAM WEIGHT AND SAIL AREAS . MODS like reef systems -different rudders systems --boards --special reinforcing and safety apparatus are or should be more the norm and rules provided accordingly .
How would you approach writting rules for this event?

let er rip - have fun -- Carl