The FOMA FROLIC/Windjammers of Clearwater Around Anclote Race is open for the first time to beach cats that are 19' and up! (FOMA = Florida Offshore Multihull Association)

Date: 1/26/2002

This distance race is approximately 40 miles and has the bonus feature of finishing where it starts, no ground crew required.

Take a look at a map of the area for an idea of the course if you're not familiar with this area. It's basically a big loop starting at the mouth of Clearwater Pass, north around Anclote Island (either way) and back.

Techinically there are channel marks that must be rounded properly and are detailed in the Notice of Race. It basically keeps all boats in deep water without anybody trying to cut any corners through shallows and shoals. The start is at the "spider" or Clearwater Pass Channel Marker #1 and the finish is a little more inside the pass. There will be a committee boat (unless you finish after 5pm).

The reason for the 19' requirement is that they are looking for the bigger boats, presumably with headsails of some sort, that are sailed by seasoned offshore racers who will be self-supporting with their own essential safety gear as there will be no crash or chase boats provided. You're on your own and responsible for your own safety.

The Notice of Race and the Entry Form can be found at:

There are no major events scheduled for that weekend at the Clearwater Community Sailing Center located on Sand Key so there will be ample room to set up and launch. The start is early Satuday morning (9:15am) so you need to set up on Friday. There is a skipper's meeting Friday night at the Sailing Center. After the race you can pack up or leave your boat overnight and pack up on Sunday. The location for the awards hasn't been decided yet.

I'm sure if I've overlooked any important things somebody will ask, but check the NOR first to see if it answers your questions. That's where all the details are. If you need to ask me some questions email them to me at

See you there!

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