To start with I am about as bright as a boat anchor so here is my question.

I am interested in a generic 20 foot catamaran class if it means that I have more boats to race against and not interested if it means that there is really only one boat that is competitive and the others might as well race each other.

I looked up the portsmouth #s for all of the 20 foot cats I could identify and then picked 60 minutes to plug into the formula.

using that I found that a Inter20 would have to sail 7.6 minutes faster than a h20 to tie and 7.0 min faster to tie with a prindle20.

My question is if these boats are really that close (from the factory) on the avarage then the combination of factors, sail size / crew weight etc are already fairly even. If the class is allowed to modify their boats to suit their individual saling style / weight etc. Then wouldn't this affect boat speed in the small % range. and thus create a level playing field.

Are there any F20 races in Texas? How new is the class?

My X wife would not let me race so forgive my ignorance.

Marc Reiter I 20 #861 Dikes, Ferries and Tramps.