Jotted this down in general reflective moment on catsailing in general --one interset in Formula 20 is its future application to races like the Worrell 1000 , now sailed on Inter 20s only --

-Good pic {by Rick} arriving at the Hatteras beach checkpoint in the 2000 Worrell 1000, Sandra had just previously been taken off the back of the boat by a rogue wave, not visible here due to the wave height, luckily she held onto the traveler line and had just retrieved her back aboard. Also visible in the pic is Brendan {team Lexus Nexus} with team Tybee Island, Steve and Kenny in the area also closing in with the kite up at 20 plus, the white and light blue shutes on the horizon line actually only a few minutes away, Brian Jamie and several other teams already in For some unexplained reason we both flipped upon hitting the beach that leg shown on local T V news that evening along with an interview with Sandra, also great photos and a film clip.

Great memories that year, the difficult times and the good times. David L was kind enough to be our 3rd sailor and gr crew that year now sailing in his second Worrell again this year. David is one of the best people you could ever hope to sail with or meet. One of the best aspects of sailing for me, -all the great people you meet racing together, or as competitors, buoys racing at the local sail club, or just on the beach after a great days sailing.

If your fortunate over time you find the shared experiences and human challenges of sailing and the sea transcend boat type or manufacturer, or international boundaries, the earth is 3/4 water after all. -If your fortunate you find yourself, though briefly, in perfect harmony with the wave pattern, wind velocity, sea current, one with your craft and movement through them, -A symphony, -a work of art, -a higher state of being, -not quite nirvana, -{good boat name}-but through the good and bad always a wonderful shared human experience and part of the treasures of life.

Realize the Worrell and races like it are not for everyone, nor are catamarans, it helps if your a little insane, {but understand that}. It is a dangerous and very grueling sport at times.

Obviously like many catsailors that post I’m very passionate about the sport. I'm very optimistic about the future of it, great events like the Spring Fever Regatta last weekend with numerous types of cats racing together and the debut of several new Formula Classes was great fun. Nigel deserves tremendous credit. The efforts of team Tommy Bahama and their web site are brilliant, -they will put on a good show, and we need more like them. Really looking forward to seeing so many teams and familiar faces back again this year to what is the greatest beachcatamaran race.

Each year we all go out to sail and race and give it our best effort, the sailing environment largely shapes our spirit of camaraderie and instills a character that again if your fortunate eventually transcends all the minor differences between sailors in the reflection of tremendous shared human experience we call catsailing.

Have fun

Carl Roberts