Those of you that know me are aware that I am usually finishing races at the rear of the pack. When I signed up for the MKL race I intended to race One Design class especially in light of the limited number of entries. I made an error in judgement by checking the One Design box and I am sorry.

Unfortunately for me I sailed a very good race, I did not count on doing as well as I did. There was no malice intended and I was not trying to cheat. I do beleive that I made every one that I know at the club aware of the fact that I was using a flat top main, especially those in my class. I did not inform the RC and in hindsight I see the importance of the rule.

I hold much respect for CABB members and the members and administration of the Miami Yacht Club and want to assure you all that I will be more thoughtful in the future. I value my reputation and integrity and will do anything to remedy this situation.

I am hoping that those involved will forgive me for my poor judgement.

Eric Arbogast



Eric Arbogast
ARC 2101
Miami Yacht Club