Sorry this is so late, but I've been away from the computer for a while. It was a great day with 10 boats participating.
The corrected times and final positions are shown in the attached pdf document.
Below is a quick summary in text format:

Division A - Portsmouth Handicap Numbers 71.0 and below:

Steven Bellavia Hobie FX-1 1st
Greg Gove/Rich Belkin Prindle 19MX 2nd
Bob Partenfelder/Jim Mathews NACRA 5.5 3rd
Malcom Stitt/Ed Norris Tornado 4th
Doug & Mathew Hannan Supercat 20 5th

Division B - Portsmouth Handicap Numbers above 71.0 :

Ken Richter/Alex Krabel NACRA 500 1st
Milt Dinhofer Hobie 17 2nd
Mark Dougherty/Christine Jacob Hobie 16 3rd
Frank & Jonathan Ciriello Hobie 18 4th
Kris & Greg Pruntis Hobie 16 5th

We should shoot for 20 boats next year!


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