The 16 is the best choice for Pamlico sound. With no centerboards I can go anywhere. Lots of steady wind but 10 to 20 MPH days are common and the days I want to be out. If I look at the side view of all the cats, new and old, it looks like the 16 has lot of sail and the mast is farther forward than the others. At anything over 15mph it seems that the lee pontoon rides low, being forced down by lots high sail. I understand the Prindle sails more docile in heavy wind with its more flotation up front. I would think a 14 sail on a 16 wouldn't be much slower than a 16 sail and a lot easier to sail. I don't like the 16 sail reefed. It is sloppy and the stress is on individual points. I am going to look for a 14 sail and give it a try. I would buy the sail and boom for a dedicated setup if I can find one. Pamlico sound if full of sailboards and kites when the wind is 20mph. I would like to be out there but a full sail 16 would not be my first choice.