I think that once you've got even one pairofhalves joined and bulkheaded you'll start to feel so much better about the project.

But I am having a great time now. It was harder last spring when I realised there would be no cat sailing that summer and not much building either (wifey projects). Cleaning up the workshop and investing in a proper vacuum cleaner also helped a lot on motivation to get down there at night.

Plan is to NOT assemble the halves into hulls before we have all parts. Only when we have the parts to go into the hulls will we do that. Assembled hulls take a lot of room vs. stacked panels, and we need to keep the drive on! Hope I get to pull panel 6 off the mould during christmas!

I sometimes tries to put the project into perspective. Building a strip plank kayak is a major project for many, we have done the equivalent of about five of those. On the other hand, compared to building a large boat or a house, this is peanuts..