**** o the lake)
Mozzi with spi were the first five on corrected time with mitch bayliss on stingray 6th these top 6 beat every other division on corrected time!: less than one minute increments seperating 4th from 10th on handicap

30 miler
Gary first line honours and handicap Peter Nikiten 2nd handicap and Mitch Bayliss 3rd after I had that now famous "incident" with Tims sail close to the last mark and Matt sailed the wrong course after starting the day badly putting it in with 5 knots of breeze.
Special mention to the hobie 20 which i think came 4th on handicap and just did it so easily in these conditions.

Round the buoys.
Gary, Matt, Peter then me on handicap once again top 4 mozzis with spi.

Gary 1st for the reagatta.
Peter Nikiten 2nd
Mitch bayliss and James Mare 3rd after mixing it with the mozzi boys all weekend, and james even came to the dark side after racing had finished on monday laugh.

Next year's going to be the best regatta yet I sense wink

Mosquito 1750 Bonnie-GLYC / Peninsula

The plan was simple.... Like my brother in law Phil, except this plan just might work!