Thanks for posting that link Mark - I'd forgotten what an apalling boat the Aquacat truly is! Their video even confirms it!
The last (and only) time I sailed an A*****t - I can't even bring myself to type it - was waaay back in the early '70s and it scared me almost to death! A friend had bought one to teach his daughter to sail and I was pretty sweet on her too. I was racing Condors at the time so offered to take the daughter out on her new boat. Wind was only around 10mph but that thing flexed all over, wouldn't go upwind, needed all my strength to overcome the horrendous lee helm and was generally awful. After a 30 min slog to get back to the beach (offshore breeze) I swore I'd never go near it again. The young lady's dad sailed it the next day in a club race and we didn't see him from just after the start as he'd headed for the beach.

2 weeks later he palmed it off on some other poor soul and bought his daughter a H14!!!

kmbarnes, stay away from that boat and look for something in line with Jake's suggestions.

John Alani
Stealth F16s GBR527 and GBR538