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I highly doubt I'll ever go out solo. This is something for us to do rather than just me. (I've got my pilot's license and she hates flying so thats my solo fun...)

When you say usually can be repaired...what goes into repairing them?

Do those prices sound good?

I kept a Hobie 18 on Folly Beach for a couple of years...when looking at boats, having a beach dolly included with the boat should be a BIG plus. You'll absolutely need it unless you can find somewhere to trailer launch like James Island Yacht Club (trailer launching is still a PIA though). You can launch early in the morning at a couple of the parking / beach access alleys but you have to beat the beach-going cars because they'll block the access and you'll need to find a way to manage the early morning mega-toothed Folly Beach no-see-ums (less you eventually "go full monkey"). Death by no-see-ums sucks!

I also think you can still get permits to leave a boat on Folly Beach but you may need to be (know) a resident - I would do that again in a heart beat if I lived down there (just plan to have a way to haul sails, rudders, and boards home after each sail). Bury a couple of cinder blocks in the sand by the dune and run a cable through them before filling in the hole. You can lock the boat by wrapping the cable around an end of one of the beams and putting a pad lock on it. It also helps to keep it from blowing away in storms (but watch out for full moon tides).

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