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By Franck's reasoning i should be able to have a 6 year old child design an F18, get a group of semi trained monkeys to build it and put on some sails made by a total muppet and then have the class make rules to ensure that the rest of the fleet slows down to the pathetic speed of my mutant shitter contraption. All in the name of fairness....

dragging the fleet backwards to the lowest common denominator is not what the class is about and not what anyone with a brain wants.

I am betting that Franck voted for François Hollande and he is loving the backwards approach his President is taking to running his country too...

Ha ha ha, pure gold.

Pure gold easier than prove 1,5 mil is more reliable than 3 mil sails.
Andrew cannot answer so try to laugh, that is more pathetic than an very old F18 speed.

Indeed I just read the class rules that answer the question, you can choose to ignore that:

The intention of these Class rules is to ensure that the boats are as alike as possible in all aspects affecting performance as F18 is a Measurement Controlled Class.

Andrew ask me so kindly for reasonning.

First step is sport one: almost-champion need a bonus to be in front of the fleet.
That is not the F18 genuine spirit.
May be Andrew is better technician than sailor, no shame, not everybody can be a true champion.
By the way, I'm huge fan of Billy Besson and Jérémy Lagarrigue.
They're good on the water and now have a very serious technical project in a real high tech developpment class: C Class catamaran for the little America cup. High sailor skills means high technical challenge.
F18 are 180 kg. low tech boat that made the success of the class till now.

Because second step is money one. Never forget that the final customer and ordinary sailors paid for the boat and top gun developpment. F18 are here considered like smartphone.
Builders need to be in front by (respectable) business consideration.
I would better appreciate that very good technician put the money to built long last F18 and spent less money on developpment which is not the target of the class.

There I'm closer to german economics policy (and cars) than french one.