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.... Keep the suggestions coming folks .....

I'm watching this like a hawk..... Jurassic Karp is almost ready for paint too laugh

not boat related but ........

Years ago I ran a comp 4x4 in winch events, the navi was often required to scramble out the passengers window, across the bonnet and run out the winch cable.
Sounds basic but add mud/slush/water etc and the bonnet becomes a skaters paradise shocked

we tried several things from checker-plate to sand in the paint, the one that worked the best however was glass-beads from a sandblasting unit, added with a layer of paint, it wasn't abrasive like sand etc and yet it provided an excellent grip.....re-painting tho was an absolute bytch, took twice as many sheets of paper to do the bonnet than it did to do the rest of the 4x4.

other than that......

I recently had to install several metres of the "blind pedestrian" warning tape, extreamly adhesive and provided a good grip level, got me thinking but I don't have enough to experiment with


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