its one of many Gary.....

there is plenty of these types of rubberised paints around when you start 'lookin' wink

these are probably more well now as they have been around for a few years now....

Kiwi Grip Non Skid Paint:
fairly popular on the larger yachts....

another common one, also found its way into tradies utes under a differing names ... rinoliner, Line-X, Gator, Raptor, Hippo, Herculiner, Scorpion but started off as a marine based product.

& ofcourse..... the one you mentioned...
K & H Sure Tread

Of the samples I collected today, the tredgrip one seems to be the more user friendly of them......
like everything tho, much would depend on how its applied and to the surface its put onto...

now that I've gained a free sample (100ml) the next step for me is to tackle my paint guy and see how if tredgrip will work on the paint I want to use, last thing I need is a reaction between the 2 and a mess on my hands
I'll be using 2pak primer and 2pak base color coat and then 2pak clear..... can I get the acrylic tredgrip to stick to a 2pak paint ?

or will it all end in tears


Yar, & this ere post be done without a sin'le drop o' rum passin' me lips

started with Impara Cadet #3 / Mosquito #245
& now Mosquitos #1182 & #1740