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Damn did I just learn a big lesson............ I've been doing things 180* opposite. Kudos to you brucat. Outside of fun on the water engineering has gone a long way, love it.

Can't tell if this is sarcasm? One never knows on this site...

Either way, just passing along what I've learned through the years. When sailing, I actually try not to over think this, especially when racing. Keep the telltales flowing. Never claimed to be a pro, but I've enjoyed moments of brilliance/luck through the years.

As Jake mentions, there's quite a bit of science to this, and pocket placement is one more consideration. There's also no shortage of art, which keeps it interesting and fun.

Edit: There are some great books out there describing sail shape and the effects our controls have on it. As more pro sailors get into cats, and more high-performance monohulls evolve, I'd expect these resources to get even better (for us).


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