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the tighter the outhaul, the more mainsheet tension can be applied before the sail leech hooks to windward

That's a bit new to me... interesting. Any thought on how that works?

I was having a bit of difficulty last weekend in the light stuff. Seemed I couldn't get all the telltales to read the way I wanted.... especially difficult was getting the jib to match the top windward telltales.

Perhaps I was running too much draft at top and should have downhaul and cunningham tighter?

I almost wondered if I had the jib sheeted too tight since i couldn't get the main to match... except that in addition to the mis-match, I couldn't point quite as high as I probably could have (without pinching of course)

but this discussion is starting to make a bit more sense and I must try at the next light air outing.

So, the consensus for lighter displacement, rotating mast multis would be:

Light Air, clam water
- flatter is better

Light air, chop
- adjust for more draft

Medium air
- moderate draft depending on water

Heavy air
- flatter is better