If youre that worried about tax dollars Todd you should be on the phone with your congresscritter demanding that that no money be sent to Texas to help with the current flooding. Up until the flooding started Texas made it very clear that they wanted to secede from the Union. Think of the billions well save.

If Texas does take the money itll be delivered in Black Helicopters and distributed from closed Walmarts. Remember the tunnel system Todd? How many people will go into the closed Walmarts never to be seen again?

Do you think the UN is controlling the weather Todd? Are the storms the first assault on Texas to clear the way for the JADE HELM troops? Youd better pay close attention to Faux News and World Meth Daily while contacting all of your nutter, paint drinking, doorknob-licking friends with your spittle covered computer to get the truth.

Keep us informed on the latest news Todd. We all wait for every pearl of information you provide.


It's getting worse by the second Todd. Allen West sez Walmart is managed by Sharia Law.

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US Sail Level 3 Coach