It's funny; there are Muslums- mostly women- come into my clinic for treatment everyday. Often it is a child that is the patient.
You can see them pull up in front in the parking lot.- Usually in a later model/new Mercedes.
What's even weirder- is that > 95% of the time-
It's all an illusion anyways, why should it matter?

They are usually nice, and most often speak English well.
When I'm treating a child for something- I can't help but wonder if one day they will take up arms against The USA, etc. I guess anyones kids could, and do, whether you're Muslum or not.

There are MANY things seriously screwed up in the USA atm.
It seems as though some people here think that fundamentally screwing up this bad is OK. They can still live, get into debt, etc.
No one wants to Rock the Boat, do they?

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