-Rear cross beam methods adversely effect steerage with the body dragging in the water at the stern. Boat can power up.

-Straddling the hull is difficult to pull off, requires conversation, and rehearsal. And even that has proven no guarantee, especially if you are tall. I've snagged the spi sheet on my helmet doing this, and failed as many times as I have tried it. Variable Sea state and wind make this one-opportunity solution unreliable to those who do not have the chance to practice. Re-flip is common, especially if the right is done without regard for wind angle! So, if you are sitting on the windward bow, because you did it right, but the boat blows over, you are going to land on the spi pole


-Modesty permitting, agree that whoever starts to board first will receive a push on the rump. Boarding is instant, even with heavy set people. First one up pulls up the other up. Extremely fast, no hull scratches from the harness hook. The maxed cardio and energy spent righting or swimming is not a problem with this method because it is so easy.

-For solo, reach up and grab the crew trap handle. Brace your foot on the dolphin striker, extend your leg, land with your back on the bow, wiggle/roll onto the tramp. Fast, works well.

Always let the jib all the way out. Main, keep it loose, but NOT completely released, you want the boat to head up and stall!!! Remember a loose main is how you drop the bows to power up or get OUT of irons. I set the main about triple the length of max during upwind. Results may vary.

If you delay, which happens, and the boat powers up after righting, you will need to let the boat travel over you, you grab the helm steer up and then grab the main, and sheet in to cause the boat to further head up, which it will not completely stop with a body dragging off the back, but this should allow enough slowing so the other crew can board, and then help pull you over the steering cross link.

Do what you can to get the boat pointed into the wind before righting. You can swim the bows, stand on the bows etc. Definitely worth while.


Dan P
Redwood City CA
Nacra Infusion