Hi Gary, 1. no record of 1545 in the mossie history. It would be a late 1980 vintage as have info on 1542 and 1547.
2. Make contact with your local NSW/QLD group http://www.theracingcat.com/index.php?page=contacts-ecmca
3. Do you mean the foot of the mainsail in the boom's sail track? Never seen it on a mossie. I'll pass this one onto someone who has a longer history with the class.
4. Contact Matt Stone of Victoria. He has many fittings ready made http://www.theracingcat.com/index.php?page=contacts
5. Although these pages are for rigging the spinnaker, they may assist with this topic http://www.theracingcat.com/index.php?page=spinnaker-rigging
Good luck with your boat as they are a great and versatile class.

Tortured ply is clearly beautiful.
Mozzie Aldebaran VI