Well to launch things off on the forum.... you just have to revisit the past issues and see if the community can find some new agreement or consensus.

Here are some unresolved debates.

Portsmouth or SCHRS.... What's the best solution for a region and their organizing authorities.?

What do you do about a yardstick boat that gets faster with design advances (F18s and decksweepers) when you don't have enough data to run the Portsmouth engine?

What rating would you use for a modern foiling A cat?

What do you do with huge legacy of F16 designs under various rules in portsmouth or SCHRS?

When should a one design class in a region decide to race with in the handicap fleet?

Is there any buzz about the non Olympic fleet getting into the foiling N17?

What teams are forming to challenge Bora for the US slot.

Whats the fair way to manage foiling boats in 2018?

The junior racing scene has stabalized on Nacra 15s. How could your region support/advise a wanna be junior sailor in this environment?

One design fleets come and go in a region.... What are the success stories... What is the predictable outcome.... What's it take to keep the fun factor a constant?

Any interest in starting a where are they now thread on past contributors to cat sailor?

CRAM and CRAW have decided to do another Catfight... What are the other Big Can't miss events this season?

I gotta million of em!!!