I haven't been active on the forum, or sailing for a bit. I sold my last boat two years ago because I wasn't using it and I could use the capital for expanding and growing my company. My little business has been taking all of my time to the tune of 70+ hours a week. No time for sailing, or much of anything else, unfortunately.

Sailing is such a massive time suck if you want to enjoy it. I hated being rushed driving to an event, or being rushed setting up the boat at an event. I had a 4-5 hour drive for most regatta's, and in order for me to do that means leaving at noon at the latest. I like checking things over carefully, a part or line failure on the water pissed me off to no end if avoidable. You can't control the weather, you can't control the competition, but you can control your own little floating world and there's no reason to sacrifice the time and expense of attending an event only to have failures. Showing up at 8pm the night before, getting up butt crack early while tired and grumpy to put the boat together in the dark is pretty much an open invitation for things to get FUBAR. I can't focus when I'm flying off the handle angry, sailing well takes some focus.

As far as decreased traffic on the forum, we've kinda beat every topic to death. Only to resurrect them, and beat them to death all over again. We've just ran out of **** to talk about, and that happened quite a while ago.

I'm boatless.